Meadowcreek Village Archive

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  The Meadowcreek Village Archive was conceived as a way to collect and safeguard the history of the neighborhood and the surrounding community. The archive is maintained in a remote location so that, in the event of natural disaster or other emergency, copies of documents and records of important neighborhood events may be preserved.

You can become an active part of this project. If you have documents, pictures, or other files related to the history of the community or surroundings, upload them by clicking "Submit A File" at the bottom of an archive page.


Clicking an appropriate web link will take you to the archive's main page. At the top, you will see a "breadcrumb trail" of links letting you know where you are in the system. You can use this to navigate back through the archive heirarchy. "Home" will return you to the Meadowcreek Village community web site. The main portion of the page is a list of available categories and subcategories of information. Registered users have access to more of the archive than guests. If you have already registered, you will want to log in to see all your options.

To log in, enter your username and password in the boxes above the categories list and click Login. To register, click Register and follow the instructions on the screen that appears.

When you have logged in, you will see more options than before. You can click on a category name to see a page of subcategories. If shown, you can click directly on a subcategory name to go to that folder.
When you have selected a folder, you will be taken to a list of files. The type will be indicated in the left column, followed by the file name and description, and other file information. Click on a file that interests you.

This takes you to the File Detail page. This gives more information about the file and a link to download the file and associated images (if any). To view or download, click or right-click the Download Now link at the bottom of the page. To view a gallery of images associated with the file, click the Images link at the bottom of the page.


Submitting Files to the Archive

One of the best features of the archive is that you can help build it. If you have photographs, newspaper clippings, advertising, or other historical documents related to the community and its development, you can add them to the arhive. Scan the item(s) and upload them using the Submit a File link found at the bottom of most pages.


To submit a file to the archive, click the Submit a File link at the bottom of any page. This will take you to File Submittal. Fill out as much of the the requested information as possible. This helps our moderators in organizing the files:
  • File Name: Enter the file name to appear in the archive here.
  • Description: Type a brief description of the file here.
  • Additional Information: Add any additional information for the moderators here, such as background explanation or contact information. This will not be published in the archive.
  • File Download Address: If the file exists on the Internet, enter the link information here.
    Path to File: If the file exists on your computer, click the Browse... button to locate the file.
  • Developer: Enter the file author's name here.
  • Version: In most cases, this will be "Final", but it could be a number or a date.
  • File Category: Choose the category you think the file best fits into. Leave blank and a moderator will assign it.
  • Security Verification Code: Enter the code you see in the box at right. This is to ensure that a person is uploading a file and that the system is not being attacked by automated spammers. Yes, the characters are difficult to read... that is intentional.
  • Images: You can upload associated image files by using the boxes to browse to their location on your computer. The total file size of all uploads cannot exceed the size indicated.

When finished, click the Submit File button and wait for an acknowledgement. This may take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of the upload and your connection speed. Some files may require moderator approval before they appear in the Archive.


   When you are done using the site, be sure to LogOut using the link near your Username.



*Your Account

If you are a registered user, you can update your profile, set subscriptions, or change your password using the User Panel link next to your user name.

We do not share your account details with anyone. We strongly suggest that you make a personal record of your Username and Password. All data is encrypted and is not recoverable. If you lose your password, you can contact the system administrator and ask that it be reset using the Contact Admin link found at the bottom of most pages. This must be done using the e-mail address listed on the account and you must include your Username in the request.



If you are familiar with the archive and how to navigate it, click the link below:






Page last updated August 2012